On Sat, Sep 27, 2003 at 12:57:40AM -0400, Nick Holley wrote:
> Nathan Kinkade wrote:
> >I recently upgraded my system from 4.8-STABLE to 5.1-RELEASE.  I haven't
> >had any problems except with XMMS.  Randomly XMMS will fail after it
> >finishes playing a song and before it has started the next - the error
> >dialog says "Couldn't open audio" in the title bar.  The message that
> >shows up on the console is:
> >
> >** WARNING **: oss_open(): Failed to open audio device (/dev/dsp):
> >Operation not supported by device
> >
> >If I repeatedly hit the play button it will eventually play the next
> >song.  Sometimes it will play 4 or 5 songs consecutively without a
> >problem, and other times the problem arises after each song.  I have
> >tried deinstalling XMMS and then recompiling, but still nothing.  I have
> >also tried `fstat | grep dsp', but nothing appears to be using the
> >/dev/dsp.  Does anyone have any ideas what might be wrong?
> >
> >Thanks,
> >Nathan
> > 
> >
> As bad as I feel for you, I am so glad someone else is having this 
> problems with 5.1. Every time I see a sound error (quite often), I want 
> to stomp the shit out of my computer.
> Ok, frustration aside, I am getting the exact same error as you with 
> xmms at the same times (after the completion of a song). I don't know 
> what hardware you are running, but I have an Asus A7N8X with onboard 
> sound using the pcm sound driver. The sound problems also crop up with 
> mplayer, sometimes at the beginning of a movie, but also when I pause 
> and unpause. Snes9x has issues as well with the sound stopping and being 
> unable to restart as such:
> GSnes9x-WARNING **: A error has ocurred when tried to resume Esound.
> Note that the gui is just redisplaying the error the snes9x core gives.
> I'm sure this is a bug in 5.1, but I haven't collected enough 
> information to approach a developer even if I knew who to approach. 
> Actually, I don't really have a method for collecting information 
> either; I was just hoping to send someone all the error messages I 
> receive and then do what they need to solve the problem.
> This is a serious issue for me so if you need, I will be more than 
> willing to help out in any way I can.
> Nick

Ok, it may be to soon to mark my problem as resolved, but after
deinstalling and recompiling XMMS and all of it's dependencies the
problem appears to be fixed.  Well, I have now played about 10 or 12
songs in a row without problem, which would have never been the case
before.  While I was at it I went ahead and totally rebuilt X also.  One
strange occurence was when I first launched XMMS after the rebuild
immediately the "Couldn't open audio" dialog popped up, but since that
one incident it hasn't happed again.  Keeping my fingers crossed ...

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