On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 08:05, stan wrote:
> BTW, out of curoisity, Did I need to delete the ~/.g[nc]*
> filles/directories? If I had  not would they have been auto upgraded?

Your Gnome config files? No. Not unless you want to start with default
settings :)

> Looking foward to playing with Gnome 2.4, hope it's a step back twoard 1.4
> from 2.2, which I loathe.

I'm not too thrilled with this upgrade. While it's nice to lock icons on
panels (I also appreciate various bug fixes), I'm a bit miffled since it
broke my pager. When I click in a workspace window in the pager, it
switches to that workspace, but moves all windows around kinda funky. :(

Oh well, still, I don't mind taking 3 steps forward and 1 back :)


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