On Sun, 2003-09-28 at 23:20, Grant Peel wrote:
> Hello all,
> One of my Dell servers has rebooted itself twice in the past week. No panics
> or anything showing in any log. No overheating noted in mbmon. I don't know
> if the diskstuff below is related.
> Dell called me and told me I had to do a PERC III ROM flash, so I went to
> the POP and did that. At that time I ran an fsck. I am seeing what look to
> be (I hope) none critical disk errors. I cant find anything specific in the
> FreeBSD archives and was hoping some here might have some knowledge.
> Here is the complete list from fsck, also I will post disklabel -r output at
> the bottom.
> As a side note, I could not get fsck to be interactive. Not even at the
> console, but I was never in single user mode either...should it matter?

As you can see, fsck is unable to write to your partitions (which is why
it answers "no" to all questions). You should try to run fsck from
single user mode.

> Dell 1400SC, 933Mhz, 512 MB, RAID5 PERC 3/DC.
> BTW, I ran a consistency check before booting back into FReeBSD and
> according to the PERC software the stripes etc are perfect.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
> -------------
> enterprise# fsck
> ** /dev/amrd0s1a (NO WRITE)
> ** /dev/amrd0s1d (NO WRITE)
> ** /dev/amrd0s1h (NO WRITE)

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