On Mon, 2003-09-29 at 02:30, Dragoncrest wrote:
>          Hi all.  Just curious of something.  I'm probably doing something 
> wrong and totally not paying attention, but for some reason when I run 
> mkisofs, all my files get truncated at 12 charecters and some weird 001 is 
> appended to the rest of the name.  I use the following command when 
> building an iso file for burning:  mkisofs -R -U -o mycd.iso 
> /path.to.files/to.be.burned/
>          I'm obviously missing something because I've gotten files with 
> names up to 128 charecters long to be included in an iso when burning them 
> in windows, but not in freebsd using mkisofs.  I've also been able to make 
> the disk name 16 charecters long in windows but only 12 with mkisofs.  Can 
> someone tell me what I'm doing wrong with the options on mkisofs and help 
> me fix it?  Like I said, I've read the man file and I thought I had it all 
> correct, but apparently that's not true.  Much apreciated on the help.  Thanks.


Read the man page again, and pay attention to the -J option and any
occurences of RockRidge and Joliet =)

Andreas Kohn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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