Good evening, everyone.

I have the above modem (Which is actually cable modem router; it allows
two simultaneous connections through the ethernet and USB ports on
separate computers). I have found out that I was getting carrier
droppage through my ethernet card (I'll mess with a new cable later ;-).
Anyway, I decided to try the USB interface.  I have the usb kernel
modules installed right now. Both of my devices (a Compaq IJ650 InkJet,
and the modem) are detected by the UHCI kernel modules. When I try
inserting the aue module, it doesn't activate my modem.

When I do insert the modem, the ugen module receives the USB connection.
Ok, seemed fine thus far. But when I try to setup my DHCP connection
using ugen0 as my network interface, no go.

In linux, I get the following class/vendor ID (output from lsusb):
Bus 001 Device 003: ID 0bb2:6098 Ambit Microsystems Corp.

Also, in Linux, I'm using the acm and CDCEther kernel modules. So,  I
know it's a CDCE-type device.

So, my question is this: Is this modem's USB interface supported in
FreeBSD 4.8 and/or 5.1?  If so, which kernel module(s) can be used. If
not, oh well. Time to buy the replacement Ethernet cable.


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