Andrew Hilliard wrote:


I am haviing the worst time trying to install FreeBSD
on a HP Pavilion 8670C.It has ATAPI CD-ROMS
and when I attempted to do an installation
of FreeBSD with version 4.7 of the software
it failed. I attempted to do an installation from a MS-DOS partition and thatb also failed.
The softwae error message was that it couldnot swap
to the swap space I created for it through Partition magic.

Thank you

Andrew Hillard

I don't know why you'd need to create a seperate
swap space with Partition Magic.  I'd recommend
creating one slice with PMagic and then use the
sysinstall program to allocate space for /, /var, /usr,
and swap.


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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