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Does anyone know if and how it is possible to set up a redundant NFS server?

Yes, although true redundancy for NFS is available only for read-only shares. From "man mount_nfs" under Solaris:

     Replicated file systems and failover
           resource can list multiple read-only file  systems  to
           be  used  to  provide  data. These file systems should
           contain equivalent directory structures and  identical
           files.  It is also recommended that they be created by
           a utility such as rdist(1). The file  systems  may  be
           specified   either  with  a  comma-separated  list  of
           host:/pathname entries and/or NFS URL entries, or with
           a  comma -separated list of hosts,  if all file system
           names are the same. If multiple file systems are named
           and  the  first  server  in the list is down, failover
           will use the next alternate server  to  access  files.
           If  the  read-only  option  is not chosen, replication
           will be disabled. File access  will block on the  ori-
           ginal if  NFS locks are active for that file.

What I want to do is this, I have a primary NFS server that serves home directories 
and data storage.
I also have a second system with a lot of disk-capacity, I could set it up as a 
'mirror' using rsync.
Now, when the primary NFS goes down, clients should automaticly look for the backup 

If the data is read-write, and you need fileserver redundancy, NFS is not adequate: you should consider AFS/DFS instead, although I've heard rumors that the OpenAFS (Arla?) software is somewhat broken on FreeBSD at this point.


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