I installed 4.7 this past weekend.  I screwed up a bit when I
did the post install configure and didn't specify the domain name.
Now, I get sendmail messages about not being able to figure
out the fully qualified domain name, and using the short.  This
happens with an annoying frequency.

I put sendmail_enable="NON" in the /etc/rc.conf file and
rebooted.  My understanding of the "NONE" value is that
none of the sendmail processes are started.  When I rebooted,
none of the sendmail errors showed.  I logged in and did my thing.
Next time when I sent to the screen, the domain name messages
(from sendmail client, queue, etc) were back.

1.  how do I specify the domain name once I have already finished
    the post install configuration ?

2. How do I totally get sendmail shutdown ? 

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