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> Currently I am using sendmail MTA. I heard that sendmail is not very
> secured. Do i need to switch to qmail before going for IMAP?

Now you are opening up a can of worms <g>  Like the VI versus emacs war,
which is better.

Personal opinion, over the years, I started off with Sendmail, then moved
to Postfix, and for the last couple of years, have moved to qmail. I will
not move again.

Sendmail has a long history of security bugs, 2 this year, I believe. It
is still the #1 MTA on the net, as it has been around the longest.
Postfix had a couple, qmail, none since its inception in 1996. The
security guarentee is still in effect.  It is modular, not monolithic,
very fast, and even the smallest server, say a PII, or a P133 can handle
100-200,000 emails a day without breaking a sweat. It uses the Maildir
format (so does postfix now), and will work within a NFS setup as no
locking is required. There is a learning curve, but to me worth it.  When
I build mail servers for others, I choose qmail. BTW, I build them from
source, not from the ports... The ports seem to have several patches in
there which most people do not need. I just recently switched to FBSD
instead of Linux for my mail / DNS servers, and now have two operating in
the last 3 weeks, Very fast, smooth, and without problems.  Yahoo uses
qmail, and another, that has over 15 million users... 

For more info, www.lifewithqmail.org

Regarding IMAP servers, I use Binc which is designed for qmail and its
format. It is 10s of 1000s of lines less than the others, and very fast
regarding sorting, etc.. Works with OE, Netscape, The Bat!, Mutt,
Mulberry, all of the MUAs that support IMAP. It is extremely easy to set
up, and there is now a port for it. 

I could go on and on for my reasons as to why I switched, but I will not
bore the list any further. <g> 

For more info on Binc  www.bincimap.org

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