> can somebody recommend a good tape drive manufacturer?  I am Looking to back
> up about 50GBs weekly.

By that do you mean on one tape?   Or across several tapes.

Do you mean a total of about 50GB per week including full and
change dumps or a 50GB filesystem once per week or ???

If you need to put 50GB of data on one tape go with DLT on SCSI from
whichever manufacturer provides one to connect to the machine you
intend to put it in to.  As long as it is SCSI it will work fine.

If you have a smaller than 50GB per tape need and you only intend
to make once per week full backups, then go with DAT - DDS-4 and again
get any that work in your machine and are SCSI.  

If it means you need to add a SCSI controll, do it.


> - noah
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