On Tue, Sep 30, 2003 at 09:10:23AM -0400, stan wrote:
> I'm having a bit of a problem using a FeeBSD STABLE machine as an NFS
> server for an HP-UXa box. I'm able to mount the FreeBSD box, abd see the
> files, but take a look at this:


> So, I'm thinking that I've got a problem with files >2G Does this make
> sense?


> Sugestions?

I'm not that familiar with HP-UX, but this is from the FreeBSD
mount_nfs man page:

     The options are:

     -2      Use the NFS Version 2 protocol (the default is to try version 3
             first then version 2).  Note that NFS version 2 has a file size
             limit of 2 gigabytes.

     -3      Use the NFS Version 3 protocol.

Seems you'll want to use v3... :)


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