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> Hi Naveen,
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> > Hello,
> > I understand that qmail is very secured than sendmail. Since these
> > two are completly different from each other, is it difficult to
> > change from sendmail to qmail? i would really appreciate if you
> > could tell me where i can find proper documentation for it. I need
> > documentation which explains how to change sendmail MTA to qmail.
> All the info you will ever need is at www.lifewithqmail.org

...except for some FreeBSD-specific info :)

Here are some tips:

1) FreeBSD uses a "MTA wrapper" which makes your mailer *look* like
sendmail, regardless of what your mailer actually is.  This wrapper is
located at /etc/mail/mailer.conf.  Mine looks like:

sendmail        /var/qmail/bin/sendmail
send-mail       /var/qmail/bin/sendmail
mailq           /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qread
newaliases      /var/qmail/bin/newaliases

This makes setting up non-sendmail mailers quite a bit easier.  IIRC the
PORT_NOTES file in the qmail port has more information about this.

2) Use sendmail_enable="NONE" in your rc.conf file to completely disable
sendmail, once you have qmail up and running.

3) Don't worry about ucspi-tcp and daemontools to start out with - qmail
will work with inetd, it will just run nicer with ucspi-tcp and
daemontools.  So you can migrate to those tools after you become
comfortable with qmail - you don't have to do it all at once.

HTH, and good luck.

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