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Gary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> Hi Chris,

Hey :)

> [...]
> --On Tuesday, September 30, 2003 10:03:33 AM -0700 Chris Pressey 
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> > Er - you mean running two different MTA's on different interfaces on
> > the same machine?  Sure, I guess you could do that, if you wanted...
> Actually, I was referring to running a MUA that does not use the
> Sendmail switch automatically, as Mutt would use, but something like
> KMail, or whatever, which requires one to put in the SMTP address
> (IIRC).

Ah.  Well, I admit I'm less familiar with setting qmail up to play nice
with MUAs.  In fact I must make a guilty confession: I'm still making
qmail deliver to mbox format until I can figure out how to get Sylpheed
to grok Maildirs.  I haven't used Mutt or KMail yet, either.

> > I'm just referring to how FreeBSD's MTA wrapper lets you switch
> > between sendmail, qmail, and any other sendmail-compatible MTA (say,
> > Postfix) without too much effort.
> Okay, I am now seeing a better appreciation of how this FBSD MTA
> wrapper works, allowing one to switch MTAs almost on the fly... cool 
> <g>

I'm not sure it could do it on the fly... but pretty darn close, yeah :)

> Thanks for your input..

Glad I can help.

And you're right, Life with Qmail is probably the best qmail tutorial on
the net.  (When I first set up qmail, I went solely on djb's docs --
*ouch*!  It took like a week to even begin to figure it out.)  I didn't
mean to imply that LwQ is lacking FreeBSD information, just that if
you're going to run qmail under FreeBSD, it's good to keep abreast to
FreeBSD developments that affect MTAs... because unlike qmail, FreeBSD
changes regularly :)

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