Bernard Roux wrote:

Please can you help me. I would like to setup a mail server using Freebsd. I
have installed the software, but how do I configure Freebsd to become a mail

I am desperate.

Kind regards

Bernard Roux

In addition to the fine replies you have already
received, let me add to the noise:  FreeBSD comes
with Sendmail, all time King ("James" ;-) of the
MTA's, already installed.  All you need is the line


In /etc/rc.conf.

So you have a working SMTP server on
hand, it just needs some configuration.

If you do *not* know how to set up DNS,
you should read up on that first.

Walk through /etc/mail and look at a few files:

local-host-names    # add your hostname to this file
                           #if it doesn't exist, create it
relay-domains       #you may need to add LAN IP's
                           # or other domains to allow outbound
                           # relaying of mail
aliases                  # username mapping
virtusertable          # domain mapping

Check the file /var/log/maillog as well, as most
any errors dealing with the mailserver will show
up there.

If you want to use the machine as a POP or
IMAP server, check the programs in /etc/ports/mail.
There is an example line to enable a POP server
in /etc/inetd.conf, but one is not installed by

I don't necessarily wish to give you the
impression that running a mail server is a
piece of cake, but it's not that difficult to
get started with it.  What is tough is keeping
it secure, and making sure the configuration
makes it a workhorse and not a headache.


Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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