Darren Phillips schrieb:

Sorry for the dumb-sounding question - is having multiple package versions installed in 5.1 going to burn me ?

I (think I) understand the install process but not the consequences. How do all the 
versions coexist ?
eg. install another linux base package.

Normally coexistence of new and old versions is not the way to go, and pkg_add or 'make install' in the port-directory will refuse to work.
If you want to upgrade 'make deinstall && make reinstall' or pkg_delete and pkg_install (with the new version) should be the way to go.
For a more comfortable way you should have a look into portupgrade, wich can upgrade all you outdated ports via the ports-system or packages.
I never tried this with FreeBSD, but from my linux-experiments I can tell that having multible Versions of the same Programm is usually going to give you trouble if you've not been really carefully in terms of install and libary Paths. It's even more trouble to do this with libarys.

Many thanks


Cheers Felix

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