Hey All

Anyone used any IDE RAID controllers recently under FreeBSD?

I've found the Promise Fastrak stuff works really well for 0 & 1 but
doesn't support RAID 5.

We need a big filesystem, doesn't need to be all that fast or reliable,
and were ogling the new-ish 250GB Western Digital drives.

We've found a case that will accomodate 6 drives, cooled properly, and
were wondering what chance there was of getting a bit over a terabyte with
a system drive into a FreeBSD box?

ie, something like an 80GB boot drive and 5 x 250GB IDEs in RAID5, or even
just striped.

Our beige box supplier is very good on the hardware front but doesn't know
much about FreeBSD and has had trouble with the more fancy Promise
controllers with RAID 5 under other OS's.

They recommend the LSI MegaRAID i4 - see

Anyone used this under FreeBSD here?

Irvine Short

Sys Admin
SANBI, University of the Western Cape, South Africa
tel: +27-21-959 3645
cel: +27-82-494 3828
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