On 10/01/03 08:36 AM, Andy Harrison sat at the `puter and typed:
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> On 24-Sep-2003, Denis wrote message "Why do you prefer FreeBSD???? Maybe
> Windows is more comfortable    "
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> >   I think that WinXP more popular and more easy than FreeBSD. People
> >   all over the world know what is Windows but don't know what is
> Sorry, I don't know the origin of this relevent quote:
> "Claiming that your operating system is the best in the world because more
> people use it is like saying McDonalds makes the best food in the world."

I see the trolls have been back while I was on vacation.  I'm actually
sorry I missed this thread (no, thank you, that's not an invitation to
send it to me :).

All I'm gonna say is I've got my desktop tweaked out to a point that I
am so comfortable with it that I don't have to think about how to do
something, I just think about it and it happens.  And MY desktop will
work exactly the same on any Linux, FreeBSD, and with a little work,
Solaris - probably any other *nix I care to try too.

And these days, I feel like a fish on pluto when I have to screw with
someone's M$ can - totally un-intuitive if you ask me.  Funny how the
keyboards are the best thing on the market with the M$ name, but you
can hardly do anything in their UI with it.  I hate the mouse.  If it
weren't for the browsers, I'd probably never touch the stupid thing (I
know all about lynx, but when you're a web developer, you need to see
what everyone else is seeing - screw IE).

That's enough of my garbage for the troll.

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