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> I've also been running into problems.  Ever since upgrading
> gettext to 0.12.1 from 0.11.5 I'm getting all sorts of
> issues when it comes to installing certain things(such as
> gnome and kde and the like).  Do you happen to know of a
> way to "downgrade?"  seems like it will be hard since so
> many other programs depend upon gettext.  Any way to trick
> the system into using the older gettext?

> On Wed, 1 Oct 2003 12:42:47 -0500
>  Eric F Crist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > I've seen some results and possible solutions about
> > upgrading the gettext 
> > port, but none of them thus far have helped me out.  I
> > upgraded gettext the 
> > other night, and ever since, get the error that
> > libintl.so.4 doesn't exist.

The cannical answer to this problem is to recompile and reinstall all
ports that depend on gettext.  This ensures that they will link
against the latest version of the libintl.so shlib.  The simplest way
to do that job is:

    # portupgrade -fr devel/gettext

It also seems to be the case that the developers of the gettext
package are far too enthusiastic about updating the shlib version
number.  Ideally that should occur only when there is an incompatible
change to the ABI (application binary interface) provided by the
library, and not as some sort of parallel to the package version



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