On Wednesday 01 October 2003 10:42 pm, SoloCDM wrote:
>  Why do the ISOs seem to be three CDs of 600Mb each for RedHat
> compared to 1.5 CDs for FreeBSD?  I thought the files were larger
> with FreeBSD and its tarballs.

Not sure what you mean by that "its tarballs".  Linux distributions come 
with an immense amount of software that generally gets installed with 
the OS.  FreeBSD comes with quite a bit as well (enough to get your 
system up and running for just about any purpose you desire), but one 
of the intents of FreeBSD is to give the user a little more choice in 
what is installed.  Read about the ports collection at www.freebsd.org.

>  Does FreeBSD offer all the packages from A to Z in their CDs?

Not that I am aware of.  "All" the packages available to FreeBSD amount 
to some 9000+ programs.

>  Does FreeBSD come with an installation package?

It comes with a very good installation utility.

>  Is FreeBSD Linux or UNIX?

FreeBSD is not Linux, it is based on the 4.4 BSD Lite developed by UC 
Berkeley.  Due to copyright restrictions, one can not really call it 
Unix either, though (IMO) the BSD family is as close as you will come 
in a modern OS to the original AT&T 'Unix'.  
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