SoloCDM wrote:

Is there FreeBSD ISOs with all the packages included.

I'm tired of waiting for RPMs, when they are usually first made into
tarballs.  Would a person prefer Slackware, RedHat (good installation
package, but they complicate matters with RPMS and don't conform to
the same directories as tarballs), or FreeBSD?

I noticed a lot of ISPs use FreeBSD.  Is it more widely accepted as
the best up-to-date in packages?

Does FreeBSD conform to the directories that tarballs prefer?

This is where the ports system shines.  Every ports patches the
Makefile to the BSD layout.  If you decide to run FBSD, you
may have to get used to having a few things in some other
place than Linux, but your system will always know where
they are.

You really should read about it.  Installing PHP/MySQL./Apache,
for example:

$cd /usr/ports/lang/php4
$make install clean

Now this port in particular drags up a dialog box asking
for your PHP configure options.  You select support for
"Mysql", or "MSSQL" (whatever), GD, YAZ, mcrypt,
whatever you want.  Punch the OK button, and the thing
downloads the appropriate tarballs, unpacks 'em all and
installs them in the correct order in the right places.
When it's finished, it's installed.  And, the ports are
constantly being updated.

And then there's 'portupgrade.'  Apache released
a new version?  Phython a new point release?  Maybe
Gnome or KDE or Fluxbox has new code.  Portupgrade
fetches and install all new ports (with dependencies)
automagically, and remove all the old stale stuff.

I may sound like a used car salesman, but I've
got no agenda here.  I just think FBSD is
pretty cool.

Kevin Kinsey
DaleCo, S.P.

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