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>  I want to distribute my software as a FreeBSD package. I have been through
> the porters handbook, but it soes not give comprehensive info about how to
> build packages. 

Create a port for your package, as described in the porter's handbook.
You can keep the port directory anywhere in your filesystem -- doesn't
have to be in with all of the other ports.  One of the standard
targets provided by the ports system is 'make package' which does
exactly what you want.

Even better, if you're prepared to release source code for your
software, submit the port to the FreeBSD project and have it included
in the standard collection.
> Is there a good doc on how to do that. Also what is the difference between
> .tbz and .tgz packages. Are they compatible ? 

The only difference is the compression algorithm used.  'tbz' is the
latest thing, and uses the more effective bzip2 compression.
pkg_add(1) on older 4.x where x < 7 (I think) won't be able to
understand .tbz packages.  It's pretty trivial to decompress and
recompress with an alternate compression though:

    # bzcat pkgname.tbz | gzip -c > pkgname.tgz



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