Thanks a lot. It worked!!! I tried the command kldload trm on the
command line  and in the log , I could see the driver being loaded. I
then added the entry in /etc/bootloader.conf file and the driver was 
detected after rebooting.

I also realised that the tape drive was functional straight away. There
was not need for any other driver for the tape drive.

Thanks again

Verghese George

>>> Andreas Kohn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 10/01/03 9:30 PM >>>
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On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 12:56, Verghese George wrote:
> Andreas,
> Thanks. The card is still not recognised when booting up. The GENERIC
> kernel does not seem to have an entry
> device trm
> Does it mean that I have to recompile the kernel?
> Thanks 
> Verghese George

I do not know exactly if FreeBSD 4.x has a trm module, but you might
first try to do 
kldload trm
If that does work (i.e. print some success messages), you can add
to your /boot/loader.conf file to have the trm module loaded at boot

If the trm.ko module is not available, yes, you need to recompile your
kernel as described in the handbook.


> >>> Andreas Kohn <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 09/30/03 8:33 PM >>>
> On Tue, 2003-09-30 at 07:20, Verghese George wrote:
> > Could someone help me with this problem?
> > I connected the hp surestore dat 24 drive with Free BSD 4.8 . It has
> > Ultra SCSI DC-315U drive (Tekram technology Co. Ltd). This card is
> > recognised by the system. Is there a driver I can use with this
> I
> > got  dc395_trm.tar.gz , untarred and unzipped it and  copied
> > dc395x_trm.c and dc395x_trm.h to  /usr/src/sys/pci directory (as per
> the
> > instructions at the website).   I also edited
> > /usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC and gave a device name tekram_trm0.
> When
> > I tried to recompile the kernel, this name was not recognised. 
> > 
> > Am I following the right procedure?  Can somebody advise me?
> > Thanks
> > 
> > Verghese George
> Hi,
> according to the trm(4) man page, the Tekram DC-315U should be
> in 4.8:

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