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> Hello Everybody,


Please wrap at 72 characters. Now  you have 78 and it's looking like a mess.

>     I have a DSL Router <--connected--> internet <--connected-->
>     FreeBSD 
> 4.8-R box
>     And this FBSD connected to a Hub which connected to around 20
>     PC's 
> (Win98+XP) on a LAN.
>     Easy? its just a DSL LAN.
> 1)
>     I want This Box to work as a Internet gateway, and to share the
>     internet 
> between the PC'S
>     thro this box.
>     shall i just enable the gateway enable 'yes' ? only? it will
>     share the 
> net to?

Do you need NAT to ? probably yes.

man 8 natd

> 2) How can i do restrictions on  the LAN? for example, I want to
> give this specific IP an Internet
>     connection, and i want to block that one.

man 7 firewall
man 8 ipfw

> 3) I want to allow this specific IP to have downloads enables, and
> other IP, no downloads.

Don't know what you understand by "downloads". ftp ? http ?
use ipfw to deny specific ports to specific users / ips.

> 4) Also can i setup a timing ? to give internet connection from this
> time to that time per day?

see list support in ipfw, setup different rule sets and make use of cron.

See Ch.19.2 and ch. 19.12 from the handbook.

Post back after that if something is not working.

Oh, and use IPFW2 (see the middle of the ipfw man page, I don't remember if it is the 
default on 4.8)

FreeBSD unregistered ;) user
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