> SoloCDM wrote:
> > Why do the ISOs seem to be three CDs of 600Mb each for RedHat compared
> > to 1.5 CDs for FreeBSD?  I thought the files were larger with FreeBSD
> > and its tarballs.
> > 
> > Does FreeBSD offer all the packages from A to Z in their CDs?
> There are some packages which are only available through FTP.  Some 
> packages aren't included on CDs because 3 cds is a little excessive.
> > 
> > Does FreeBSD come with an installation package?
> > 
> > Is FreeBSD Linux or UNIX?
> > 
> FreeBSD is a child of System V, so UNIX.  Linux was written from scratch 
> by Linus with the GNU Public License, as opposed to FreeBSD which 
> originated from BSD, which originated from System V.

No doubt you will hear a lot of corrections to your statement.
That is because it is not true.    First of all, System V is a UNIX,
but UNIX is not a System V.   You sound like you have confused which
set is the larger and contains the other set.   The set of all UNIX 
contains System V (and BSD and Linux).   The set of all System V does
NOT contain UNIX (nor BSD) though it could be seen as containing Linux
as well as more recent Sun OSen and some others.

BSD more truly predates System V.  Although the general concept of 
all of the UNIX flavors comes from original Bell Labs work, BSD branched 
off and became its own thing before System V came in to being.   Later, 
over time, many BSDs, especially proprietary versions, incorporated some 
System V "inovations" (features), but that is a separate issue.   

My understanding is that the lawsuits from wayback caused all Bell Labs 
code to be excised from BSD and BSD sort of started over clean as part 
of the settlement those many years ago.  FreeBSD and other open software 
BSDs were born of this clean code, still a BSD system and not anything 
to do with System V.

Linux started with supposedly a "clean" (in the same sense that BSD
was cleaned of Bell Labs code) System V type of kernel and people then
added on all the rest of the stuff, also supposedly clean code.  Now
Linux seems to be in the same place BSD was years ago proving they
are clean and not using any code now owned by SCO.   I have no idea
how clean it really is or how seriously SCO is in its claims or if
it is just trying to position itself into a marketable position.


> -Daniel
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