> The aaccli from the CD complains about an incorrect ABI version of the
> libncurses.so.5 - it's wrong, the so.5 is really missing, this issue
> can be solved by exporting a LD_LIBRARY_PATH pointing to
> /cdrom/bootcd/usr/lib in the current shell, or by copying the library from
> the CD into /compat/linux/usr/lib.

This might indicate that your linux_base is not completely
installed. There seems to be a bug (at least, there is on my
computers), where /usr/ports/linux_base coredumps during the
install. I also found the package leaves the same core file, but
doesn't report an error. The only work around for this that I found is
to do the install from single user mode.

> CLI> open aac0
> Command Error: <The driver could not execute the requested IOCTL SENDFIB,
> 22=invalid argument.>
> linux: 'ioctl' fd=4, cmd=0x2008 (' ',8) not implemented
> The IOCTL code seems to match. Both the FreeBSD and the
> Linux aac driver source files define essentially the same codes:
> FSACTL_SENDFIB CTL_CODE == 0x00040000 | (2050 << 2)
>                         == 0x00040000 | (0x0802 << 2)
>                         == 0x00042008

This means you need to include options LINUX_COMPAT in your kernal
configuration file. (Thanks to Scott Long who helped me with this a
while back.)


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