1) Why do you need a 100 MB interface? The fastest DSL I've seen only operates at 7MB, in simplex mode.

100Mbit on the internal network is nice. Most SOHO routers today come with a built-in switch.

2) What do you mean by 'DSL router with telephone'?

A router with a ISDN interface for fallback connectivity?

Draytek makes the Vigor series routers. I've used their 2000, 2200E, 2200X and 2300 models and they all perform well and are easy to configure. Nowadays, cheaper routers are to be had, but these often lack in configurability and features.

AFAIK, from the 2200 models and up, at least 8 concurrent VPN connections can be used.

The firewall configuration smells like IPF to me. ;-)

In other words: I like 'em... Nico

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