On October 2, 2003 08:57 pm, Jud wrote:
> There are several ways you can do this.  There's pkg_delete for packages,
> 'make deinstall clean' for ports, and for deleting an older version of a
> port to replace it with a newer one, there's the intelligent and lovely
> 'portupgrade.'  (The upgrade can be for one port, that port plus all
> dependencies, or even all your installed ports, just by setting various
> single-letter portupgrade options that are clearly spelled out in the man
> page.)

It might be noted that 'make deinstall' (with or without clean/distclean) 
doesn't unregister the port; you still have to use pkg_delete for that. The 
'make deinstall' rule for ports seems to be more for upgrading than for 
actual deletion. (Witness the fact that, for pkg_delete, you have to specify 
a force option to remove a package that has dependencies, but make deinstall 
warns you and removes it anyway.) Too, you can't make deinstall if you've 
already made clean.

The portupgrade package does include a number of nice utilities, though, that 
manage packages a little better than the default, it seems.


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