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>  I get router on FreeBSD. I want to filter packet by MAC Address fitering. Pls 
>  let me know how can i this using ipfw. Or how can install iptables on freeBSD
>  (with iptables, this is possible).

Yes, this is certainly possible.  You need to be running at least
FreeBSD 4.6-STABLE from after August 16th 2002: any later version of
4.x-STABLE or -RELEASE will do fine, as will any 5.x version (although
running 5.x on a critical router is probably not the best idea).

Under 4.x you need to follow the instructions in the ipfw(8) man page
about enabling ipfw2 and compiling an appropriately customised kernel
-- see the sections "USING IPFW2 IN FreeBSD-STABLE" and "IPFW2
ENHANCEMENTS" towards the end of that page.  Under 5.x, the ipfw2 is
the default ipfw supplied with the system.



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