I decided to give up on Konquer as a file manager (sucks royally
anyways) and switch to Endeavour.  The version 1.x is kinda lame so I
went to try and install the Mark II 2.x version from the source on the
homepage.  It won't install.  I did what it said to do for freebsd and
configure said that all was good minus an option file that was missing.
 So I went and did "Make All" like it said and it complained about 2 key
files missing.  So I go up into the Endeavour directory and tried to
build it directly from there.  It says that the first file it wants to
build is missing.

Can anyone help me get this installed?  Or do I have to write the ports
people to have them do a port of this for the ports tree?  I'd realy
like to start using this soon if possible.  Thanks.

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