Hey *, I'm trying to do something fairly simple.  On a 4.6
Release box I would like to force all users to choose passwords
over a certain length and of a certain complexity.  Now before
anyone jumps and says to edit /etc/login.conf, please note that
I tried that and it did not work.  I don't want to get into too
much detail there because my req's that management handed down
go beyond the stated abilities there anyway; I need PAM.

So basically from the docs here:
I gather that the module I need is pam_unix, but when I look for
the man page...nothing.  I've spent about an hour on google now
also and found plenty of developers and admins talking about
using it, but nothing resembling a man page or even a how-to.

Specifically I need to enforce the use of a mix of alphanumeric
and special chars, a minimum length, passwd expiration (with
forewarning preferably), passwd history, and account lockouts. 
Note: I will gladly RTFM.  Muchas thnx.

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