Granted it's not an inexpensive solution, but we switched from SpamAssassin
to PureMessage by ActiveState. 
We are thoroughly impressed with the accuracy and the dynamic feature set of
the product. Automatic updates come down at least a couple of times a week
to keep up with the latest tactics, and the support is second to none.
Just my $.02 worth


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> > > I know this is an issue that comes up a lot, but I wanted to get 
> > > an opinion from some people on the list. We, along with everyone 
> > > else, have TONS of SPAM hit our server. Unfortunately, we haven't 
> > > found any good way to reduce it. We're using ORDB and SpamCop, but 
> > > neither are really doing the job. We're a small small company (7 
> > > employees) with about 100 mailboxes on the server. We don't mind 
> > > paying for a service that works, but we are certainly on a tight 
> > > budget. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 
> > > Currently, we're using Sendmail, although we're considering (and 
> > > testing) a switch to PostFix. TIA for any

Check for anti-virus and anti-spam tools for FreeBSD. If
you decide to use SpamAssassin and if you have a lot of spam-mail coming and
a slow server, mind that it will clog you CPU very, very soon.

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