On Thursday,  2 October 2003 at 14:16:19 -0600, Matthew Emmett wrote:
> Hello all,
> I have a question about vinum.  I'd like to end up with a setup like
> this:
>   disk1 mirrored with disk2 = mirror1

Vinum calls this a volume.

>   disk3 mirrored with disk4 = mirror2

This is another volume.

>   mirror2 concatenated with mirror1

This doesn't work.  You concatenate first, then mirror.

> I understand that this is a RAID 1+0 setup.  I'm pretty sure vinum
> can do RAID 1+0.

RAID-0 is striping.  This is RAID-1.

Vinum has four levels of objects:

  Drives, the physical hardware (more or less; they're really partitions).

  Subdisks, a contiguous chunk of a drive.

  Plexes, put together out of one or more subdisks.  This is where you
  would concatenate.

  Volumes, put together out of one or more plexes.  This is where you
  would mirror.

This doesn't really make much difference to what you want to do.

> Now, in the future, will I be able to add two more disks:
>   disk5 mirrored with disk6 = mirror3
> and concatenate mirror3 with the other mirrors?  And then use growfs
> to expand the filesystem?

If you're not striping (i.e. RAID-1 only), you do this by adding
subdisks to each plex.  There are more details at

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