I have a question (this might need to go to -hackers, but I thought I would
try here)..

I'm playing with the MD_ROOT_SIZE option a FreeBSD 5.0 config file.  When I
set the size to anything over 7000, I get a nice little isa_dmainit(2, 1024)
failed message at startup (which results in a kernel panic with:

panic: isa_dmastart: bad bounce buffer (since a dma buffer wasn't able to be
allocated at bootup)

My question is what is the maximum size MD_ROOT can be?  I thought that if
there was enough memory on the system, it shouldn't matter how big it is.  

Is there any way to get rid of this?  The system I am playing with is useable
without a floppy drive, but it would be nice to be able to use one.

(Yes, this is me playing with my WarBSD stuff.  I thought the problem I was
having was gone with -p16, but it turned out I was just tired and overlooked
a setting-- MD_ROOT_SIZE being set to 7000).

Thanks in advance.

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