William Labbett wrote:

hi all,

i like to try out FreeBSD for various reasons....
i've got a few questions;

are there HP Printer drivers available and
also Artec scanner drivers?

Check the hardware compatability list at www.freebsd.org/handbook ... also the section on printing. I imagine that you can get the printers working without too much headache. Dunno about the scanners.

is there a freeware C/C++ compiler available
and (less importantly) a freeware
text editor or C/C++ project IDE ??

Compiler's built in. Others are available as packages or ports. And the whole OS is freeware --- UNIX and text editors go hand in hand (line from handbook or some documentation I think I recall ('you will find a significant portion of your work in UNIX will involve editing text files'). I'm not sure about the number or qualtiy of IDE's but I'm sure that they are availabe, and someone's bound to have something pretty nice out there...

FBSD has "Linux-compatability" mode
as well, so there is just zillions of possible
programs out there...over 9000 programs
that will install automagically via the FBSD
ports tree, for example.

will it work on on a BrillianX motherboard?

Dunno...again, check the HCL. Generally speaking, it ought to, but if it has some unsupported disk controller or onboard whatever....

5.1 is out and I've been pleased with the strides
made in hardware support since I started FBSD
2.5 years ago.  But, before you rush to install it,
the FreeBSD Foundation hasn't yet got Java working
(last I read on their site) on 5.x, so maybe 4.8/9
would be what you want.

what kind of modem will i need.

i think i've got a WinModem - Conextant or

The standard line for years was "no winmodems." That might have changed. You might send mail back to the list with a more specific subject line ... 'interested but am I compatible' sounds just a tad like responding to a personal ad ;-) I just bought a USR serial to use with FreeBSD. Never tried dialing up with it before, so I thought I'd be traditional and "safe".

thx for any help,

william labbett ([EMAIL PROTECTED])

The HCL is Handbook chapter 2.10, last I checked.

Welcome to FBSD!

Kevin Kinsey

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