Usually, windows will show up in the BSD boot manager as ???, so the
boot prompt on my system (Win2K and FreeBSD 5.1) is the following:

F1 ???
F2 FreeBSD

When I've installed FreeBSD on a physically separate drive, it usually
creates two boot menus similar to the following:

F1 ???
F2 Disk 1

(pressing F2)

F1 Disk 0
F2 FreeBSD

As far as getting KDE to work, you should have the following in your
user directory (usually /home/<username>) in the file .xinitrc

exec startkde

You can put other things in there, say if you wanted to start ymessenger
or something similar as you load KDE.  If you want to boot into
graphical right away, see the post I just went through from the last
couple days: KDM and FreeBSD


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AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
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I'm a Unix newbie who just installed BSD 5.1.  I made it through the 
installation without too much of a hassel and I went ahead and added
in the installation, along with the BSD Boot Manager since I'm dual
with Windows.  I have a 40 gig HD for Windows then I have 2 separate 120
HD raided in 0 config for BSD.  The boot manager is installed with the
of BSD on the raid but when it loads and I go to pick, both options boot
BSD.  F1 is labeled FreeBSD and F5 is labeled Drive 1, which I was under
illusion should be windows but it turns out its not.  When I boot into
it leads me to a text based login screen, how do I get KDE to function.

Thank you in advance.

David Witt

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