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> Hello,
> I'm having a problem.  Whenever I run pkg_info with
> whatever switches, I receive this at the top of the read
> out, any ideas?
> pkg_info: show_file: can't open '+COMMENT' for reading

Somewhere under /var/db/pkg you have a +COMMENT file which isn't
readable by your UID.  That's not correct -- all of the files under
/var/db/pkg should be readable by all.  That is mode 644 for general
files or mode 755 for directories and executables.  All should be
owned by root:wheel as well.  Except for +MTREE_DIRS files which seem
to be mode 444 for some odd reason.

Try this (as root):

    # cd /var/db/pkg
    # chown -R root:wheel .
    # chmod -R a+rX,go-w .
    # chmod 444 */+MTREE_DIRS



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