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Sent: Saturday, October 04, 2003 4:41 AM
Subject: Interested but am i compatible?

> hi all,
>  i like to try out FreeBSD for various reasons....
> i've got a few questions;
> are there HP Printer drivers available and
> also Artec scanner drivers?
>  is there a freeware C/C++ compiler available
> and (less importantly) a freeware
> text editor or C/C++ project IDE ??
>  will it work on on a BrillianX motherboard?
> what kind of modem will i need.
> i think i've got a WinModem - Conextant or
> something......
>  plz help me out...
>  thx for any help,

For hardware information you can find it at
and it just depends on what release of freeBSD you are shooting for.

To find out what known software packages (called ports on freebsd) are
available you can go here:

If you can't find it there then go to groups.google.com and search by
"group:*freebsd* <your other search criteria>" and see what you can find


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