"Ross, Chris" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>       I am having a problem booting the FreeBSD 5.1 install CD.  My
> machine hangs when it goes to pole agp.  Is there a way to disable agp
> when booting from this CD?

I don't think so.  On my laptop, I can't directly install *any* recent
releases, since AGP was put into the default kernel.  I had to install
4.4 and update to -STABLE from there.

Eric Anholt was planning on taking a look at this, but I hadn't heard
about any results.  I had narrowed it down to something weird in the
aperture probe, but I couldn't see any reason for it to actually hang
at that specific point.  To be honest, I had been pretty sure it was
just me, and I didn't have 100% confidence in my hardware anyway.
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