Hello All,

I'm trying to set up printing on my FreeBSD 5.1-Release using LPRng
but having problems. Hoping someone can help out here.

When I do a
$ checkpc -f, I get:
Warning - lp: cannot open lp device '/dev/lpt0' - Permission denied

The lpd is being run by user 'daemon' while ls -l /dev/lpt0 returns:
crw-------  1 root  wheel   16,   0 Oct  4 10:33 /dev/lpt0

I had done chmod 777 /dev/lpt0, at one time, also did
chown daemon:daemon /dev/lpt0, in both cases I was able to print OK.

BUTTT, whenever I reboot FreeBSD, the permissions for /dev/lpt0 are
reset back to the original 'crw-------  1 root  wheel'.

I did some googling around but can't seem to find others with the same
problem. Can anyone help please?


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