On Sun, 5 Oct 2003 06:50:51 -0600 (MDT)

> I have a problem with perl versions
> I need to use perl 5.8.0 but everytime I install from ports a application
> which depends from perl 5.6 something is overwritten and perl 5.8.0 is not
> avalaible and I have to "make reinstall" perl 5.8.0 every time.
> Is there a way to set a system variable for perl5.8.0 as default?

If your doing what i think your doing you'll kick yourself :D

Now, assuming perl5.8.0 installs a link to /usr/bin/perl 5.6.1 would overwrite that 
with's verion of perl BUT perl5.8.0 should still be there at /usr/local/bin/perl5.8.0 

Now, the fun comes with modules :D

Mike Woods
IT Technician
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