Joseph Koenig wrote:
I know this is an issue that comes up a lot, but I wanted to get an opinion
from some people on the list. We, along with everyone else, have TONS of
SPAM hit our server. Unfortunately, we haven't found any good way to reduce
it. We're using ORDB and SpamCop, but neither are really doing the job.
We're a small small company (7 employees) with about 100 mailboxes on the
server. We don't mind paying for a service that works, but we are certainly
on a tight budget. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
Currently, we're using Sendmail, although we're considering (and testing) a
switch to PostFix. TIA for any advice,


We are running procmail, MIMEDefang and SpamAssassin. After some tweaking, it kills about 9 out of 10 spams.
SpamAssissin can hog a lot of CPU if you handle a lot of emails, so make sure you are running it in daemon mode, that helps quite a bit.


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