Hi folks,

   I seem to have opened a (new) can of worms by 
cvsuping the ports tree and doing
#portupgrade -Ra

which moved me from XFree86 4.2.0 to 4.3.0 (meta-port).
I'd most like to find out what the problem is eg, see

but was wondering if I could work around it by backing
out the upgrade.  I know I can back out an upgrade to 
the OS by cvsuping to an older date and making world.
But how does one back out a port as complex as X?  Is it 
as simple as downloading an appropriately old version of
the meta-port makefile, eg from

say revision 1.142 and

#portupgrade -fR XFree86

or perhaps I would need to get older versions of all the
files in the meta port? Or would I need older versions of
all files in all the dependencies also?  I suppose I could 
cvsup my whole ports tree to the date of the older meta 
port makefile, do the portupgrade, then cvsup the ports 
tree again to get back up to date, refusing changes to the 
x11 category.  Anyone with hints or suggestions other than
'restore disk from backup', or 'do clean install on new 
disk'?  TIA.


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