Hello, just a quick question - any reports on AFS servers building + running 
on 5.1 RELEASE? I've been fiddling with this for a while (www.openafs.org) 
and have limited success. I've got all but the biba and lomac MAC modules 
running, plus I'm attempting to get this working inside of a jail. Looks like 
there is a bunch of code in their rpc lib that needs to be changed in order 
for the jailed server to work :/
I'm using the latest release of openafs, plus I keep my entire system and 
kernel up to date with patchs. Seems it would be nice to have the lo0 
interface cloned inside of a jail to make a whole bunch of code work - Samba 
also does rpc over lo0 and is borked inside a jail (2.x and 3.x). I don't 
mean make lo0 from the base system accessable, but create another lo0 if for 
the jail to use...

Anyways, my question is really just about AFS and wether or not it works on 


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