In the last episode (Oct 05), James Jacobsen said:
> On 10/05/03 21:42:23, Robert Huff wrote:
> >James Jacobsen writes:
> >>  It does not matter what freebsd does, C does not require that
> >>  malloc initialize space according to Kernighan and Ritchie.
> >
> >I knew that, and agree depending on a particular behavior is bad
> >programming practice.  That said, there's a lot of "bad programmers"
> >out there ....
> What's really bad, is that freebsd could potentally change there
> behavor down the line.  Its probably dictated by the way kernel
> dezined, meaning they may do whats the cheapist.  I would.  If they
> do its go to lead to some weird behavior.  :-)

There's nothing bad about it.  FreeBSD follows the standards.  The
debugging flags simply change what the undefined behaviour is.  If you
malloc a block of memory, you cannot rely on what data it currently
contains.  FreeBSD lets you zero it, fill it with a set value, or leave

Programs exhibiting weird behaviour under any of those three cases are
broken.  Most debugging mallocs will trigger it, purify will probably
catch it (never used it), and valgrind under Linux will definitely
catch it.

        Dan Nelson
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