On Saturday 04 October 2003 07:10, Mike Silbersack wrote:
> Juan, it recently became possible to use the 340M in its native mode;
> simply cvsup to the latest ports tree, and install the
> XFree86-4-Server-snap port; the "ati" driver in it supports the 340M in my
> laptop just fine.  (I have not tested any 3d or tv out functions,
> however.)
> Mike "Silby" Silbersack

Thank you very much.

It's working. I've tried to play a DVD using "ogle", but
it doesn't work very well, the movement isn't steady....I've got
a friend with the same laptop using Linux and he tells me it works
nice.....so I guess it's a FreeBSD performance problem....*sigh*

Thank you anyway.

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