Brian Bobowski writes:

>  > In order to keep a working kernel: Is it possible to *keep* an old
>  > kernel by copying, say /boot/kernel.old to e.g. /boot/mykernel
>  As far as I know, this is not only possible, but recommended in
>  the Handbook directions for building new kernels. That way, if
>  you've done several rebuilds, you know you've got a working
>  kernel around.

        I'm about to do exactly this as I jump from PS/2 to USB
keyboard and mopuse.

>  I didn't find much in the way of specifics in the handbook, so the process 
>  might be as simple as you say

        It is, and tar need not be involved.  Just cp the files
(preserving permissions).

                                Robert Huff

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