hi all

i'm trying to do a 'push' rsync operation to mirror the contents of my websites root 
directory on one machine over to a remote machine.  rsync is installed on both 
machines.  the command i'm using to rsync is

rsync -e ssh -avz --exclude "/phpSysInfo" --exclude "/webalizer" --exclude 
"/phpMyAdmin" --delete --stats /usr/local/www/data-dist/ 

this works, for the most part. the majority of files on the remote directory are 
sync'ed correctly after the operation.  the problem is - this websites root directory 
is owned by one user - webuser, who is a member of group - webuser.  various 
subdirectories inside of the websites root folder are owned by other users, who are 
also members of the 'webuser' group.  the files/folders in the websites root direcotry 
are chmod'ed 775.

this causes problems with the rsync operation, as i'm rsync'ing as webuser:webuser.  i 
get errors during the rsync process such as

failed to set permissions on studentwork/winter03old/war/images : Operation not 

again, the majority of files sync correctly.  but can anyone recommend a good way 
around this?  i'm not able at this point to limit the websites root directory to only 
one user account...


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