I've read (although never actually seen myself - so take this with as large
a grain of salt as you like) that hotplugging PS/2 peripherals can damage
the port you're plugging them into, so I'd be wary about doing this.

This is what I've heard, too, but I've never seen a PS/2 port being damaged from 'hot plugging' either. However, I've seen it quite a few times that unplugging and replugging the mouse or the keyboard leaves the device not working afterwards. I've seen this under FreeBSD as well as under (I hate to admit it, but it's the PC at work) Windows NT4 and 2000. I've read a magazine article once which said that this is not the OS's responsibility but the hardware (keyboard or mouse) itself crashing.
So regardless if hot-plugging the keyboard works or not, if you plan to do this several times a day, you might want to thing about getting a KVM switch.


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