Ph. Schulz writes:

>    This is what I've heard, too, but I've never seen a PS/2 port
>    being damaged from 'hot plugging' either.

        This is one of those things where it works ... except when it
doesn't, and you fry the port or even the entire motherboard.  It's
never happened to me (as far as I know) but I know a number of
people (some on FreeBSD lists) to whom it has.

>  I've read a magazine article once which said that this is not the
>  OS's responsibility but the hardware (keyboard or mouse) itself
>  crashing.

        I believe this to be correct.

>    So regardless if hot-plugging the keyboard works or not, if you
>    plan to do this several times a day, you might want to thing
>    about getting a KVM switch.

        Four port PS/2 KVMs are disgustingly cheap these days.  USB,
not so much.

                                Robert Huff


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