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> I too have this problem (I dual boot Win 2K/FreeBSD on my desktop).
> Everything works fine, but I think what Ron wants to know is simply can
> you change the ??? into Windows for example?

The partition type code -> OS name translation table is hardwired into
/usr/src/sys/boot/i386/boot0/boot0.s, the source for the master bootstrap
program.  These are the current mappings:

        parition codes          string
        ------------------      --------
        1,4,6,11,12,14          DOS
        99                      UNIX
        131                     Linux
        159,166,169             BSD
        165                     FreeBSD

There isn't enough free space left in boot0 to add any more mappings.
(It has to fit in a 512 byte disk sector).  You could make space by
deleting some of the current mappings or other boot0 program features.
I suspect that you don't want to get into that.

If you want to create your own customized bootstrap menu, you might
look into /usr/ports/sysutils/grub.

If you are curious, you can find a larger partition code table in

For an even larger compilation, see


Dan Strick
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